ARN82 {sads}R Documentation

Biomass of marine animals in colonizing experiments in Baltic Sea


A numeric vector of biomass of species of benthonic marine invertebrates that colonized experimental containers laid in the Baltic Sea.




Named vector of positive numbers. Labels are a sequential numeric code for species, in the same sequence as the original table.


Each value is the biomass of invertebrate species sampled in 13 containers laid in the seafloor,as reported in Table I in Arntz & Rumohr (1982). After the first year of exposition, 13 containers were recovered every two months, starting in December 1976. Data are from containers recovered in April 1977.


Arntz, W. E., & Rumohr, H. (1982). An experimental study of macrobenthic colonization and succession, and the importance of seasonal variation in temperate latitudes. Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology, 64(1), 17-45.


Hughes, R. (1986). Theories and models of species abundance. The American Naturalist, 128(6), 879-899.

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