stratifySurv {glmnet}R Documentation

Add strata to a Surv object


Helper function to add strata as an attribute to a Surv object. The output of this function can be used as the response in glmnet() for fitting stratified Cox models.


stratifySurv(y, strata = rep(1, length(y)))



A Surv object.


A vector of length equal to the number of observations in y, indicating strata membership. Default is all belong to same strata.


When fitting a stratified Cox model with glmnet(), strata should be added to a Surv response with this helper function. Note that it is not sufficient to add strata as an attribute to the Surv response manually: if the result does not have class stratifySurv, subsetting of the response will not work properly.


An object of class stratifySurv (in addition to all the classes y belonged to).


y <- survival::Surv(1:10, rep(0:1, length.out = 10))
strata <- rep(1:3, length.out = 10)
y2 <- stratifySurv(y, strata)  # returns stratifySurv object

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