vol.from.bin {espadon}R Documentation

Volume class object according to binary selection


The vol.from.bin function selects a part of a "volume" class object of "binary" modality which has the same grid. It is especially useful to restrict voxel data in region of interest.


vol.from.bin(vol, sel.bin, alias = "", description = NULL)



"volume" class object, containing data to restrict.


"volume" class object, of "binary" modality. vol and sel.bin must have the same grid.


Character string, $alias of the created object


Character string, describing the created object. If description = NULL (default value), it will be set to paste (vol$object.alias, "from", sel.bin$object.alias)


Returns a "volume" class object (see espadon.class for class definitions), in which non-selected voxels have the value NA, and selected voxels have the original value of vol.


# loading of toy-patient objects (decrease dxyz for  better result)
patient <- toy.load.patient (modality = c ("ct", "rtstruct"), 
                             roi.name = "brain", dxyz = c (4, 4, 4))
CT <- patient$ct[[1]]
S <- patient$rtstruct[[1]]

# select the brain in the volume
bin.brain <- bin.from.roi (vol = CT, struct = S, roi.name = "brain")
vol.brain <- vol.from.bin (CT, bin.brain)
# display at the center of gravity of the brain Gz
Gz <- S$roi.info [grep("^brain", S$roi.info$roi.pseudo),]$Gz
display.plane (bottom = vol.brain, view.coord = Gz, struct = S,
               roi.sname = "brain", bg = "#00ff00", interpolate = FALSE)

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