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Save a espadon object in a pre-formatted *.Rdcm file


The function allows you to save an object created by espadon in a pre-formatted *.Rdcm file. This object will also be accessible by the load.patient.from.Rdcm function.

Usage, = obj$object.alias, dirname = obj$file.dirname)



espadon object of class "volume", "struct", "mesh", "histo", "dvh", "histo2D".

Character string, representing the name of the object, default to obj$object.alias.


Directory where new files from obj will be saved.


Returns TRUE, if paste0(,".Rdcm") exists in dirname.

Returns FALSE, if is not a valid file name, or if the file that is created would replace a *.Rdcm file created by

Note can not replace an *.Rdcm file created by


# loading of toy-patient objects (decrease dxyz for better result)
step <- 5
patient <- toy.load.patient (modality = c("ct", "mr"), = "", 
                             dxyz = rep (step, 3))
# Save T.MAT to a temporary file pat.dir
pat.dir <- file.path (tempdir(), "PM_Rdcm") 
dir.create (pat.dir, recursive = TRUE) (patient$ct[[1]], dirname = pat.dir) (patient$mr[[1]], dirname = pat.dir)

# Cleaning  temporary directory
unlink (pat.dir, recursive = TRUE)

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