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Conversion of Hounsfied Units to Realistic Volume Vizualization colors


The RVV.pal function produces a color palette where Hounsfield Units in the range -1000 HU to 1000 HU are converted into realistically colorized virtual anatomy (for use with CT), developped by J.C. Silverstein and al [1]


pal.RVV(n, alpha = NULL, min.col = "#000000", max.col = "#FFFFFF")



Integer, number of colors to be in the palette


Vector representing the opacity, in the range of 0 (transparent) to 1 (opaque). If alpha = NULL (default), all colors are opaque, and no alpha channel is added to the colors.

min.col, max.col

respectively the color below -1000HU (by default, black, i.e. "#000000") and above +1000HU (by default, white, i.e. "#FFFFFF")


Returns a vector of colors of size n.


[1] Silverstein JC, Parsad NM, Tsirline V (2008). “Automatic perceptual color map generation for realistic volume visualization.” Journal of Biomedical Informatics, 41(6), 927-935. ISSN 1532-0464, doi:10.1016/j.jbi.2008.02.008.


pal <- pal.RVV (256)

image (x = seq (-1000, 1000, length.out = 1024), y = 1,
       z = matrix (seq (-1100, 1100, length.out = 1024), ncol = 1),
       col = pal,
       main = "Realistic Volume Vizualization colors")

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