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Coordinates of the extreme points


The function returns the x, y, z coordinates of the 2 extreme voxels of the rectangular parallelepiped, containing the objet obj of class volume, struct or mesh. These coordinates are given in the ref.pseudo frame of reference.

Usage, ref.pseudo = obj$ref.pseudo, T.MAT = NULL, ...)



object of class volume or struct or mesh.


Pseudonym of the frame of reference in which you want the coordinates.


"t.mat" class object, created by load.patient.from.Rdcm or load.T.MAT. If T.MAT = NULL, ref.pseudo must be equal to obj$ref.pseudo.


Additional arguments min, max if obj is of class 'volume'. Arguments, roi.sname, roi.idx if obj is of class 'struct'. Arguments vol (depracated), replaced by obj.


Returns a dataframe of min and max columns, and x, y and z rows.


# loading of toy-patient objects
patient <- toy.load.patient (modality = "ct", = "", dxyz = c (5, 5, 5))
CT <- patient$ct[[1]]

# xyz extreme coordinate (CT) (CT, min = 0)

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