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Thresholds for Ensemble of Small Models


This function evaluates the full model which is used for projections and provides thresholds to produce binary maps.


    ecospat.ESM.threshold( ESM.EnsembleModeling.output, 
                           PEplot = FALSE)



a list object returned by ecospat.ESM.EnsembleModeling


logical. Should the predicted to expected ratio along the suitability class from the boyce index be plotted. Default FALSE (see ecospat.boyce


This function provides evaluation scores of the full model (no split sampling) and thresholds which can be used to convert suitability maps into binary maps. Various thresholds are provided: TSS (where sensitivity and specificity are maximised), MPA 1.0 (where all presences are prdicted positive), MPA 0.95 (where 95% of all presences are predicted positive), MPA 0.90 (where 90% of all presences are predicted positive), (the lowest suitability value where the predicted/expected ratio is >1) and (the highest suitability value where the predicted/expected ratio is =1).


A data.frame with evluation scores and thresholds.


Frank Breiner


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