wf_archetype {ecmwfr}R Documentation

Creates an archetype function


Creates a universal MARS / CDS formatting function, in ways similar to wf_modify_request() but the added advantage that you could code for the use of dynamic changes in the parameters provided to the resulting custom function.


wf_archetype(request, dynamic_fields)



a MARS or CDS request as an R list object.


character vector of fields that could be changed.


Contrary to a simple replacement as in wf_modify_request() the generated functions are considered custom user written. Given the potential for complex formulations and formatting commands NO SUPPORT for the resulting functions can be provided. Only the generation of a valid function will be guaranteed and tested for.


a function that takes 'dynamic_fields' as arguments and returns a request as an R list object.


## Not run: 
# format an archetype function
ERAI <- wf_archetype(
  request = list(stream = "oper",
                 levtype = "sfc",
                 param = "165.128/166.128/167.128",
                 dataset = "interim",
                 step = "0",
                 grid = "0.75/0.75",
                 time = "00/06/12/18",
                 date = "2014-07-01/to/2014-07-31",
                 type = "an",
                 class = "ei",
                 area = "73.5/-27/33/45",
                 format = "netcdf",
                 target = ""),
  dynamic_fields = c("date", "time")

# print output of the function with below parameters
str(ERA_interim("20100101", 3, 200))

## End(Not run)

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