cache.ok {easyr}R Documentation

Check Cache Status


Check a cache and if necessary clear it to trigger a re-cache.


cache.ok(cache.num, do.load = TRUE)



The index/number for the cache we are checking in the list.


Load the cache if it is found.


Boolean indicating if the cache is acceptable. FALSE indicates the cache doesn't exist or is invalid so code should be run again.


# check the first cache to see if it exists and dependent files haven't changed.
# if this is TRUE, code in brackets will get skipped and the cache will be loaded instead.
# set do.load = FALSE if you have multiple files that build a cache, 
#    to prevent multiple cache loads.
# output will be printed to the console to tell you if the cache was loaded or re-built.
## Not run: 
  if( ! cache.ok(1) ){

    # do stuff
    # if this is the final file for this cache, 
    #   end with save.cache to save passed objects as a cache.

## End(Not run)

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