spatiotemp_resolution {dynamicSDM}R Documentation

Filter species occurrence records by given spatial and temporal resolution


Filters species occurrence record data frame to exclude records with co-ordinates and dates that do not meet specified spatial and temporal resolution.


spatiotemp_resolution(, spatial.res, temporal.res)


a data frame, with columns for occurrence record co-ordinates and dates with column names as follows; record longitude as "x", latitude as "y", year as "year", month as "month", and day as "day".


optional; a numeric value, the minimum acceptable number of decimal places given for occurrence record co-ordinates.


optional; a character string, the minimum acceptable temporal resolution of occurrence record dates. One of day , month or year: can be abbreviated.


Excludes species occurrence records that do not meet the minimum spatial and temporal resolution specified.

If spatial.res given, the value of 1 represents an acceptable co-ordinate resolution of one decimal place, roughly equal to 11.1km, and value of 3 represents three decimal places, roughly equal to 111m.

If temporal.res given, temporal.res = day would result in exclusion of records without values for year, month and day, and temporal.res = year would only exclude records without values for year.

spatial.res and temporal.res can be informed based upon the highest spatial and temporal resolution of the datasets to be utilised when extracting dynamic variables.

For example, if explanatory variables datasets are annual, then a temporal.res of year is adequate, whereas if datasets are daily, then temporal.res of day may be more appropriate.


Returns a data frame of species records filtered by the minimum acceptable spatial resolution of co-ordinates and temporal resolution of dates.


sample_occ_data <- convert_gbif(sample_occ_data)

spatial_res_high <- spatiotemp_resolution(sample_occ_data, spatial.res = 4)

spatial_res_low <- spatiotemp_resolution(sample_occ_data, spatial.res = 1)

temporal_res <- spatiotemp_resolution(sample_occ_data, temporal.res = "day")

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