plan_to_code {drake}R Documentation

Turn a drake plan into a plain R script file. [Questioning]


code_to_plan(), plan_to_code(), and plan_to_notebook() together illustrate the relationships between drake plans, R scripts, and R Markdown documents. In the file generated by plan_to_code(), every target/command pair becomes a chunk of code. Targets are arranged in topological order so dependencies are available before their downstream targets. Please note:

  1. You are still responsible for loading your project's packages, imported functions, etc.

  2. Triggers disappear.


plan_to_code(plan, con = stdout())



Workflow plan data frame. See drake_plan() for details.


A file path or connection to write to.

See Also

drake_plan(), make(), code_to_plan(), plan_to_notebook()


plan <- drake_plan(
  raw_data = read_excel(file_in("raw_data.xlsx")),
  data = raw_data,
  hist = create_plot(data),
  fit = lm(Ozone ~ Temp + Wind, data)
file <- tempfile()
# Turn the plan into an R script a the given file path.
plan_to_code(plan, file)
# Here is what the script looks like.
cat(readLines(file), sep = "\n")
# Convert back to a drake plan.

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