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Set operations


These functions override the set functions provided in base to make them generic so that efficient versions for data frames and other tables can be provided. The default methods call the base versions. Beware that intersect(), union() and setdiff() remove duplicates.


union_all(x, y, ...)


x, y

objects to perform set function on (ignoring order)


These dots are for future extensions and must be empty.


mtcars$model <- rownames(mtcars)
first <- mtcars[1:20, ]
second <- mtcars[10:32, ]

intersect(first, second)
union(first, second)
setdiff(first, second)
setdiff(second, first)

union_all(first, second)
setequal(mtcars, mtcars[32:1, ])

# Handling of duplicates:
a <- data.frame(column = c(1:10, 10))
b <- data.frame(column = c(1:5, 5))

# intersection is 1 to 5, duplicates removed (5)
intersect(a, b)

# union is 1 to 10, duplicates removed (5 and 10)
union(a, b)

# set difference, duplicates removed (10)
setdiff(a, b)

# union all does not remove duplicates
union_all(a, b)

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