dosresmeta.control {dosresmeta}R Documentation

Ancillary Parameters for Controlling the Fit in dosresmeta Models


This internal function sets the parameter options used for fitting dose-response meta-analytical models, commonly to pre-specified default values. It is usually internally called by


dosresmeta.control(optim = list(), showiter = FALSE, maxiter = 1000,
  initPsi = NULL, igls.iter = 10, gr = FALSE,
  reltol = sqrt(.Machine$double.eps),
  set.negeigen = sqrt(.Machine$double.eps))



list of parameters passed to the control argument of the function optim, which performs the quasi-Newton optimization in likelihood-based random-effects models. See optim.


logical. If TRUE, the progress of iterative optimization is shown.


positive interger value. Maximum number of iterations in methods involving optimization procedures.


either a matrix or a vector of its lower triangular elements (with diagonal, taken by column) from which starting values of the parameters of the between-study (co)variance matrix are derived, used in the optimization procedure for likelihood-based random-effects models. If NULL (the default, and recommended), the starting value is created internally through an iterative generalized least square algorithm.


number of iteration of the iterative generalized least square algorithm to be run in the hybrid optimization procedure of linkelihood-based models to provide the starting value.


indicates if the gradient of the (re)ml likelihood should be provided. FALSE by default.


relative convergence tolerance in methods involving optimization procedures. The algorithm stops if it is unable to reduce the value by a factor of reltol * (abs(val) + reltol) at a step.


positive value. Value to which negative eigenvalues are to be set in estimators where such method is used to force positive semi-definiteness of the estimated between-study (co)variance matrix.


A list with components named as the arguments.


Alessio Crippa,


Gasparrini, A., Armstrong, B., Kenward, M. G. (2012). Multivariate meta-analysis for non-linear and other multi-parameter associations. Statistics in Medicine, 31(29), 3821-3839.

See Also

dosresmeta, dosresmeta-package, mvmeta.control


## Loading data

## print the iterations (see ?optim) and change the default for starting values
dosresmeta(formula = logrr ~ dose, type = type, id = id, se = se, 
           cases = cases, n = n, data = alcohol_cvd, proc = "1stage",
           control = list(showiter = TRUE, igls.iter = 20))

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