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Five clinical trials on the relation between aripiprazole and schizophrenia


The dataset reports the summarized dose-response results from five clinical trials on the relation between different levels of aripiprazole and severety of schizophrenia measured usign the PANSS medical score.


A data frame with 18 observations on the following 6 variables:

id id of the studies included in the analysis.
author names of the first author of the studies.
dose assigned dose level of aripiprazole (0 for placebo group).
y outcome variable: change in PANNS score after and before treatment.
sd standard deviation of y for each exposure level.
n total number of subjects for each exposure level.


Alessio Crippa, <>


Crippa, A., Orsini, N. Dose-response meta-analysis of differences in means. BMC medical research methodology. 2016 Aug 2;16(1):91.

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