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Register customized R code to 'RStudio' shortcuts


'RStudio' keyboard shortcuts is handy, however, it is non-trivial to set shortcuts that run customized code. The proposing functions allow 10 customized R expressions to be registered. The first five (1 to 5) are interactive shortcuts, the rest five (6 to 10) are non-interactive.


rs_add_insertion_shortcut(which, txt, force = FALSE)

rs_add_shortcut(which, expr, force = FALSE, quoted = FALSE)



rs_quick_debug(env = globalenv())



integer from 1 to 10, which keyboard shortcut to edit


an insertion/replacement shortcut to add


whether to remove existing shortcut if the hot-key has been registered


expression to run if shortcut is pressed


whether expr is quoted, default is false


environment to debug code; default is global environment


There are two steps to register an 'RStudio' keyboard shortcut.

1. Please enable the shortcuts by opening 'Tools' > 'Modify Keyboard Shortcuts' in 'RStudio' menu bar; search and locate add-in items starting with 'Dipsaus'; register hot-keys of your choices, and then save. It is recommended that these keys are 'Alt' + 1 to 'Alt' + 0. On Apple, 'Alt' is equivalent to 'option' key.

2. run rs_add_insertion_shortcut or rs_add_shortcut to customize the behaviors of each shortcuts; see Examples.

Function rs_quick_debug provides quick way to debug a script or function without messing up the code. The script only works in 'RStudio'. When executing the quick-debug function, the cursor context will be automatically resolved and nearest debugging code blocks will be searched and executed. To enable this feature, add a line with "# DIPSAUS: DEBUG START" in your code, followed by debugging code blocks in comments. The script will figure it out. Since the 'RStudio' context will be obtained when executing the function, it is recommended to add this function to your shortcuts. By default, if the shortcut-1 is unset, this function will be executed.


## Not run: 

# Need to run in RStudio
# Please read the Section 'Details' carefully

# --------------------------------------------

# I assume the shortcuts are Alt+1,2,...,9,0,
# corresponding to shortcuts 1 - 10

# Adds an insertion to Alt+9
rs_add_insertion_shortcut(9, " %?<-% ", force = TRUE)
# restart RStudio and try `Alt+9`

# Adds an expression to Alt+2
rs_add_shortcut(2, {
  expr <- sprintf("system.time({\n%s\n})\n",
  eval(parse(text = expr))
}, force = TRUE)

# Select any valid R code and press Alt+1

# --------------------------------------------

# run this to set your shortcut (one-time setup)
rs_add_shortcut(1, { dipsaus::rs_quick_debug() })

# Add debug feature: insert the following comment anywhere in your code
# You may open a new script in the RStudio

# message("Debugging...")
# a <- 1
# print(a)
# message("Finished")

# Place your cursor here, press the shortcut key

## End(Not run)

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