dimRedMethod-class {dimRed}R Documentation

Class "dimRedMethod"


A virtual class "dimRedMethod" to serve as a template to implement methods for dimensionality reduction.


Implementations of dimensionality reductions should inherit from this class.

The fun slot should be a function that takes three arguments


An object of class dimRedData.


A list with the standard parameters.


Logical. If the original data should be kept in the output.

and returns an object of class dimRedResult.

The stdpars slot should take a list that contains standard parameters for the implemented methods.

This way the method can be called by embed(data, "method-name", ...), where ... can be used to to change single parameters.



A function that does the embedding.


A list with the default parameters for the fun slot.


A vector with all packages R packages that need to be installed to run the method. In some occasions a method may work without one of the packages. Does not include Python dependencies such as Tensorflow. Used to auto skip tests

See Also

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