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The dimRed package


This package simplifies dimensionality reduction in R by providing a framework of S4 classes and methods. dimRed collects dimensionality reduction methods that are implemented in R and implements others. It gives them a common interface and provides plotting functions for visualization and functions for quality assessment.

Funding provided by the Department for Biogeochemical Integration, Empirical Inference of the Earth System Group, at the Max Plack Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena.


Maintainer: Guido Kraemer guido.kraemer@uni-leipzig.de


Lee, J.A., Renard, E., Bernard, G., Dupont, P., Verleysen, M., 2013. Type 1 and 2 mixtures of Kullback-Leibler divergences as cost functions in dimensionality reduction based on similarity preservation. Neurocomputing. 112, 92-107. doi:10.1016/j.neucom.2012.12.036

Lee, J.A., Lee, J.A., Verleysen, M., 2008. Rank-based quality assessment of nonlinear dimensionality reduction. Proceedings of ESANN 2008 49-54.

Chen, L., Buja, A., 2006. Local Multidimensional Scaling for Nonlinear Dimension Reduction, Graph Layout and Proximity Analysis.

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