FruchtermanReingold-class {dimRed}R Documentation

Fruchterman Reingold Graph Layout


An S4 Class implementing the Fruchterman Reingold Graph Layout algorithm.



A function that does the embedding and returns a dimRedResult object.


The standard parameters for the function.

General usage

Dimensionality reduction methods are S4 Classes that either be used directly, in which case they have to be initialized and a full list with parameters has to be handed to the @fun() slot, or the method name be passed to the embed function and parameters can be given to the ..., in which case missing parameters will be replaced by the ones in the @stdpars.



The number of dimensions, defaults to 2. Can only be 2 or 3


Reduce the graph to keep only the neares neighbors. Defaults to 100.


The distance function to determine the weights of the graph edges. Defaults to euclidean distances.


Wraps around layout_with_fr, see there for details. The Fruchterman Reingold algorithm puts the data into a circle and puts connected points close to each other.


Fruchterman, T.M.J., Reingold, E.M., 1991. Graph drawing by force-directed placement. Softw: Pract. Exper. 21, 1129-1164.

See Also

Other dimensionality reduction methods: AutoEncoder-class, DRR-class, DiffusionMaps-class, DrL-class, FastICA-class, HLLE-class, Isomap-class, KamadaKawai-class, MDS-class, NNMF-class, PCA-class, PCA_L1-class, UMAP-class, dimRedMethod-class, dimRedMethodList(), kPCA-class, nMDS-class, tSNE-class


if(requireNamespace(c("igraph", "coRanking"), quietly = TRUE)) {

dat <- loadDataSet("Swiss Roll", n = 100)
emb <- embed(dat, "FruchtermanReingold")
plot(emb, type = "2vars")


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