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Method AUC_lnK_R_NX


Calculate the Area under the R_NX(ln K), used in Lee et. al. (2015). Note that despite the name, this does not weight the mean by the logarithm, but by 1/K. If explicit weighting by the logarithm is desired use weight = "log" or weight = "log10"


## S4 method for signature 'dimRedResult'
AUC_lnK_R_NX(object, weight = "inv")



of class dimRedResult


the weight function used, one of c("inv", "log", "log10")


The naming confusion originated from equation 17 in Lee et al (2015) and the name of this method may change in the future to avoid confusion.


Lee, J.A., Peluffo-Ordonez, D.H., Verleysen, M., 2015. Multi-scale similarities in stochastic neighbour embedding: Reducing dimensionality while preserving both local and global structure. Neurocomputing 169, 246-261.

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