calc_hf {detzrcr}R Documentation

Calculate hafnium values.


Calculates the initial 176Hf/177Hf values, the initial epsilon hafnium values, the model age using the measured 176Lu/177Hf value and the model age assuming the parental magma was produced from an average continental crust (176Lu/177Hf = 0.015) that originally was derived from the depleted mantle (Griffin, 2004).


calc_hf(dat, constants)



data.frame, list or matrix of hafnium values


vector of constants which must be in the order decay constant 176Lu, 176/177Hf CHUR, 176Lu/177Hf CHUR, 176/177Hf DM, 176Lu/177Hf DM and 176Lu/177Hf value used for two-stage depleted mantle model age calculations


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Griffin, W., Belousova, E., Shee, S., Pearson, N. and O'Reilly, S. 2004. Archean crustal evolution in the northern Yilgam Craton: U-Pb and Hf-isotope evidence from detrital zircons. Precambrian Research, 231-282.

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