filter.tbl_lazy {dbplyr}R Documentation

Subset rows using column values


This is a method for the dplyr filter() generic. It generates the WHERE clause of the SQL query.


## S3 method for class 'tbl_lazy'
filter(.data, ..., .by = NULL, .preserve = FALSE)



A lazy data frame backed by a database query.


<data-masking> Variables, or functions of variables. Use desc() to sort a variable in descending order.



<tidy-select> Optionally, a selection of columns to group by for just this operation, functioning as an alternative to group_by(). For details and examples, see ?dplyr_by.


Not supported by this method.


Another tbl_lazy. Use show_query() to see the generated query, and use collect() to execute the query and return data to R.


library(dplyr, warn.conflicts = FALSE)

db <- memdb_frame(x = c(2, NA, 5, NA, 10), y = 1:5)
db %>% filter(x < 5) %>% show_query()
db %>% filter( %>% show_query()

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