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CTL - CTL mapping in experimental crosses


Analysis of experimental crosses to identify genetic markers associated with correlation changes in quantitative traits (CTL). The additional correlation information obtained can be combined with QTL information to perform de novo reconstruction of interaction networks.

For more background information about the method we refer to the methodology article published in XX (201X).

The R package is a basic iomplementation and it includes the following core functionality:

For all these functions we also provide examples and demonstrations on real genetical genomics data. We thank all contributors for publishing their data online and will accept submissions of intrestion datasets, currently ctl provides:


More detailed information and/or examples are given per function as needed. Some additional functionality:


Danny Arends Danny.Arends@gmail.com
Maintainer: Danny Arends Danny.Arends@gmail.com
Contributions from: Bruno Tesson, Pjotr Prins and Ritsert C. Jansen


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