cosinor.lm.default {cosinor}R Documentation

Fit cosinor model


Given an outcome and time variable, fit the cosinor model with optional covariate effects.


cosinor.lm.default(formula, ...)



Forumla specifying the model. Indicate the time variable with time() and covariate effects on the amplitude and acrophase with amp.acro(). See details.


other arguments


This defines special functions that are used in the formula to indicate the time variable and which covariates effect the amplitude. To indicate the time variable wrap the name of it in the function time(). To indicate a variable which affects the acrophase/amplitude, wrap the name in amp.acro(). This will then do all the tranformations for you. See examples for usage.


cosinor.lm(Y ~ time(time) + X + amp.acro(X), data = vitamind)

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