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Colorectal cancer (Table 7.7)


Duration of symptoms and tumor stage for patients treated for colorectal cancer (Jullumstroe et al., 2009).

Early detection and treatment of colorectal cancer is beneficial, because advanced stages of colorectal cancer have poorer prognosis. Table 7.7 displays duration of symptoms (rows) versus tumor stage (columns) in a study of 784 patients treated for colorectal cancer at a regional hospital in Norway from 1980 to 2004 (Jullumstroe et al., 2009). The rows as well as the columns are ordered, and Table 7.7 can be regarded as a doubly ordered 4 × 4 table.




An object of class matrix (inherits from array) with 4 rows and 4 columns.


Fagerland MW, Lydersen S, Laake P (2017)

Jullumstroe et al. (2009)

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