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Check that the item responses in raw data are: (1) valid, (2) each valid response mapped to an item appears at least once, and (3) each valid reponse mapped to an item has sufficently many responses (defaults to a minimum of 10 observations for each response category)


checkItemRespValid(data, caseID, validMap, varLabel, validLabel)



Raw data, a data frame.


A string indicating the name of the case id variable in the data.


A data frame which contains a mapping of valid responses to item lables. This data frame shoudl be in long format, with each valis response * item conbination representing a row.


A string indicating the name of the variable in validMap that identidies the valis items names/lables.


A string indicating the name of the variable in validMap that contains the valid codes/responses for each item. This shoudl include missing values (e.g., "99")


A list of lists: one list per item in validMap$varLabel. Within each list, there can be up to three dfs: (1) the case ids and invalid responses for the item, (2) the valid codes not observed in the data set, and (3) the valid codes observed fewer than 10 times in the data. NOTE: a wanring is thrown if the validMap$varLabel is not found in the data.

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