metrics {compareMCMCs}R Documentation

Built-in metrics for MCMCresult objects


These functions are normally called via compareMCMCs or addMetric.


MCMCmetric_mean(result, ...)

MCMCmetric_median(result, ...)

MCMCmetric_sd(result, ...)

MCMCmetric_CI95(result, ...)

MCMCmetric_CI95low(result, ...)

MCMCmetric_CI95upp(result, ...)

MCMCmetric_ESS(result, options = NULL)

MCMCmetric_efficiency(result, options = NULL)



An MCMCresult object, normally a list element returned by compareMCMCs


Possible additional arguments to metric functions.


A (metric-specific) list of named control options accepted by some metrics.


A metric is a summary of MCMC output. The summary may include results for each parameter, for each MCMC sample (across all parameters), and/or by arbitrary list. The last option is not used by any built-in metrics.

The built-in metrics include:


A list that may contain elements named:

It is also valid to return a list of such lists.

In normal use, metrics are called by addMetrics (possibly from compareMCMCs) and the results are collated in the metrics field of MCMCresult objects.

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