plot3d.colourvision {colourvision}R Documentation

Plot colour vision models into 3D chromaticity diagrams.


'plot3d' method for objects of class colourvision. Plotting method for animals with four photoreceptor types.


## S3 method for class 'colourvision'
plot3d(x, ...)



Object of class "colourvision".


Additional arguments passed to the plot3d function. See CTTKhexagon3D for Chittka (1992) model (CTTKmodel) plotting arguments; EMtetrahedron for Endler and Mielke (2005) model (EMmodel) plotting arguments; RNLplot3d for RNL plotting arguments; and GENplot3d for generic model (GENmodel) plotting arguments.


Felipe M. Gawryszewski


Chittka, L. 1992. The colour hexagon: a chromaticity diagram based on photoreceptor excitations as a generalized representation of colour opponency. J Comp Physiol A 170:533-543.

Endler, J. A., and P. Mielke. 2005. Comparing entire colour patterns as birds see them. Biol J Linn Soc 86:405-431.

Thery, M., and J. Casas. 2002. Predator and prey views of spider camouflage. Nature 415:133-133.

See Also

plot.colourvision, EMtetrahedron, CTTKhexagon3D, EMmodel, CTTKmodel, RNLmodel

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