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coil: evaluation of COI-5P barcode data


coil is an R package designed for the cleaning, contextualization and assessment of cytochrome c oxidase I DNA barcode data (COI-5P, or the five prime portion of COI). It contains functions for placing COI-5P barcode sequences into a common reading frame, translating DNA sequences to amino acids and for assessing the likelihood that a given barcode sequence includes an insertion or deletion error. These functions are provided as a single function analysis pipeline and are also available individually for efficient and targeted analysis of barcode data.


coil is built around the custom 'coi5p' object, which takes a COI-5P DNA barcode sequence as input. The package contains functions for: setting a sequence in reading frame, translating the sequence to amino acids and checking the sequence for evidence of insertion or deletion errors




Cameron M. Nugent

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