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Compute reliabilities


If you pass the object resulting from a call to formr_results to this function, it will compute reliabilities for each scale. Internally, each reliability computation is passed to a future::future(). If you are calculating multilevel reliabilities, it may be worthwhile to parallelise this operation using future::plan(). If you don't plan on any complicated parallelisation, you probably do not need to call this function directly, but can rely on it being automatically called during codebook generation. If you do plan to do that, you can pass the results of this operation to the codebook function.


compute_reliabilities(results, survey_repetition = "single")



a formr results table with attributes set on items and scales


defaults to "single". Can also be "repeated_once" or "repeated_many"


## Not run: 
data("bfi", package = "codebook")
bfi <- bfi %>% dplyr::select(dplyr::starts_with("BFIK_agree"))
reliabilities <- compute_reliabilities(bfi)

## End(Not run)

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