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Co-correspondence analysis ordination methods for community ecology


Fits predictive and symmetric co-correspondence analysis (CoCA) models to relate one data matrix to another data matrix. More specifically, CoCA maximises the weighted covariance between the weighted averaged species scores of one community and the weighted averaged species scores of another community. CoCA attempts to find patterns that are common to both communitities.


The main interface function is coca which accepts a formula or two community data matrices. An appropriate formula is Y ~ ., data = X and the associated data object from which . will be looked up. The method argument is used to select from the two forms of CoCA: method = "predictive" for predictive CoCA (the default), and method = "symmetric" for symmetric CoCA.


Original Matlab routines by C.J.F. ter Braak and A.P. Schaffers. R port by Gavin L. Simpson. Function simpls based on (package pls) by Ron Wehrens and Bjorn-Helge Mevik.

Maintainer: Gavin L. Simpson <>

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