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Plot diagnostics for a confint object


plot method for class "confint". Plots the (profile) loglikelihood for a parameter using the values calculated by conf_intervals. Up to 4 different types of loglikelihood (see the argument type to the function returned by adjust_loglik) may be superimposed on the same plot. By default (add_lines = TRUE) the confidence limits calculated in conf_intervals are indicated on the plot .


## S3 method for class 'confint'
  y = NULL,
  y2 = NULL,
  y3 = NULL,
  which_par = x$which_pars[1],
  conf = x$conf,
  add_lines = TRUE,
  legend = any(c(!is.null(y), !is.null(y2), !is.null(y3))),
  legend_pos = "topleft",


x, y, y2, y3

objects of class "confint", results of calls to conf_intervals for a common model. A (profile) loglikelihood will be plotted for each object.


A scalar specifying the parameter for which the plot is produced. Can be either a numeric vector, specifying index of the component of the full parameter vector, or a character scalar parameter name. The former must be in x$which_pars, the latter must be in names(x$which_pars).


A numeric vector of values in (0, 100). If add_lines = TRUE then a horizontal line is added for each value in conf. If conf is not supplied then the value stored in x$conf is used.


A logical scalar. Whether or not to add horizontal lines to the plot to identify the confidence limits.


A logical scalar or a character vector. If this is supplied then a legend is added to the plot. If legend is a character vector then it is used as the argument legend to legend. Otherwise, i.e. if legend = TRUE then the component type of the input object(s) x, y, y2, y3 are used.


The position of the legend (if required) specified using the argument x in legend.


Additional arguments passed to matplot or legend. The arguments col, lty and lwd will be used (in a consistent way) by both matplot and legend.


Nothing is returned.


See the examples in conf_intervals.

See Also

adjust_loglik to adjust a user-supplied loglikelihood function.

conf_intervals for confidence intervals for individual parameters.

conf_region and plot.confreg to plot a confidence region for a pair of parameters.

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