vncMedianCoverage.tsv {cellOrigins}R Documentation

Drosophila melanogaster embryo ventral nerve cord RNASeq coverage


Median RNAseq read coverages from 3 dissected embryonic (stage 11) fruit fly ventral nerve cords. The sequencing coverages are measured within the probing intervals of high-confidence BDGP insitu probes, as described in cellOrigins-package.


The format is: probe name, coverage, chromosome, probe beginn, probe end, strand.


Molnar, D 2015, 'Single embryo-single organ transcriptomics of Drosophila embryos', PhD thesis, University of Cambridge.


  fpath <- system.file("extdata", "vncMedianCoverage.tsv", package="cellOrigins")
vncExpression <- read.delim(file = fpath, header=FALSE,

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