prior.temporal_proximity_is_good {cellOrigins}R Documentation

Assign a prior probability to a combination of anatomical terms


Accepts one or more anatomical terms and assigns to them a prior probability in the Bayesian sense. prior.all_equal assumes all terms and combinations to be equally probable. prior.temporal_proximity_is_good is meant mainly for use with BDGP_insitu_dmel_embryo if working with single or staged embryos. With this function the prior probability increases if the developmental stages in the tested terms are close together. The magnitude of the prior is scaled to the number of tested genes.


prior.temporal_proximity_is_good(term_pairs, insitu_signature)



A vector with anatomical terms that are tested in combination.


The RNA in situ hybridisation data set as produced by fusion of the expression patterns in term_pairs, and as it will be used for calculating the posterior probability in seqVsInsitu.

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