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PROSPECT model version 5 and 5B


The PROSPECT5(b) leaf reflectance model. The model was implemented based on Jacquemoud and Ustin (2019), and is further described in detail in Feret et al (2008). PROSPECT models use the plate models developed in Allen (1969) and Stokes (1862). Set Cbrown to 0 for prospect version 5.





A named vector of PROSPECT parameters (note: program ignores case):

  • [1] = leaf structure parameter (N)

  • [2] = chlorophyll a+b content in ug/cm2 (Cab)

  • [3] = carotenoids content in ug/cm2 (Car)

  • [4] = brown pigments content in arbitrary units (Cbrown)

  • [5] = equivalent water thickness in g/cm2 (Cw)

  • [6] = leaf dry matter content in g/cm2 - lma - (Cm)


spectra matrix with leaf reflectance and transmission for wavelengths 400 to 2500nm:


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Allen W.A., Gausman H.W., Richardson A.J., Thomas J.R. (1969), Interaction of isotropic ligth with a compact plant leaf, Journal of the Optical Society of American, 59:1376-1379.

Stokes G.G. (1862), On the intensity of the light reflected from or transmitted through a pile of plates, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, 11:545-556.

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