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Openness to Change (Schwartz Values) Cat Object


Cat model created for the Openness to Change (Schwartz Values) inventory




An object of class Cat of length 1.


Cat object containing item parameters for graded response model fit with 8,448 response profiles by myPersonality Project and 718 response profiles collected by YouGov in June 2018. The sample from myPersonality Project was a convenience sample, and the respondents from YouGov were matched to a sampling frame on gender, age, race, and education.

See Cat-class for details regarding the Cat object structure. See grmCat for details regarding the graded response model.

A normal prior was chosen with mean from the theta estimates from the YouGov sample (-3.54) and a standard deviation (1.2) wide enough to envelope the range of estimated theta values across both samples.

Note that due to how the item parameters were estimated, large, positive values indicate "more" of the latent trait.

Response options for the Schwartz Values survey are:

0 - means the value is not at all important, it is not relevant as a guiding principle for you. 3 - means the value is important. 6 - means the value is very important.

-1 is for rating any values opposed to the principles that guide you. 7 is for rating a value of supreme importance as a guiding principle in your life; ordinarily there are no more than two such values.

However, for computerized adaptive testing methods, the 0-7 response option range as been shifted to a 1-9 range.

The wording of the question items:


FREEDOM (freedom of action and thought)


RECIPROCATION OF FAVORS (avoidance of indebtedness)


INDEPENDENT (self-reliant, self-sufficient)


CHOOSING OWN GOALS (selecting own purposes)


CURIOUS (interested in everything, exploring)


AN EXCITING LIFE (stimulating experiences)


A VARIED LIFE (filled with challenge, novelty and change)


DARING (seeking adventure, risk)


PLEASURE (gratification of desires)


ENJOYING LIFE (enjoying food, sex, leisure, etc.)


SELF-INDULGENT (doing pleasant things)


See for the raw YouGov and/or Qualtrics data.


Stillwell, David, and Michal Kosinski. 2007. "myPersonality Project."

Schwartz, Shalom H. "Universals in the content and structure of values: Theoretical advances and empirical tests in 20 countries." Advances in experimental social psychology. Vol. 25. Academic Press, 1992. 1-65.

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