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Clean adaptive inventory responses from Qualtrics


This function cleans the adaptive inventory responses stored as embedded data in Qualtrics


## S4 method for signature 'character'
readQualtrics(catObj, responseID)



Vector containing JSON character representations of the completed Cat objects from Qualtrics survey


Vector containing unique character identifiers for the respondents in the Qualtrics survey


This function cleans the adaptive inventory responses contained in the Qualtrics survey results. Because different respondents recieve different adaptive inventories, their answers to the battery are not stored as usual as separate columns in the Data & Analysis tab in the Qualtrics toolbar. Rather, the respondents' answers to the adaptive battery are saved in the catObj embedded data object. To access the answers, click "Export & Import", and then "Export Data." In the window that appears, we recommend downloading the data as a .csv file. Then, feed this function the catObj column and the responseID column.


This function returns a data frame containing cleaned adaptive inventory responses.


Haley Acevedo, Ryden Butler, Josh W. Cutler, Matt Malis, Jacob M. Montgomery, Tom Wilkinson, Erin Rossiter, Min Hee Seo, Alex Weil

See Also

Cat-class, ex_qualtrics_results, ex_qualtrics_results_multiple


data(ex_qualtrics_results) # loads example results
cat_vect <- ex_qualtrics_results$catObj[-c(1,2)] # vector of Cat embedded data objects
ids <- ex_qualtrics_results$ResponseId[-c(1,2)] # vector of respondent identifiers

# clean answer profiles
clean_df <- readQualtrics(catObj = cat_vect, responseID = ids)

# estimate respondents' positions
setEstimation(agree_cat) <- "MAP"
estimateThetas(catObj = agree_cat, responses = clean_df)

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