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Likelihood of the Specified Response Set


Calculates the likelihood of a respondent, with ability parameter \theta, having offered the specific set of responses stored in the Cat objects answers slot. All calculations are conditional on the item-level parameters stored in the Cat object.


likelihood(catObj, theta)



An object of class Cat


A numeric or an integer indicating the value for \theta


The function likelihood returns a numeric value of the likelihood of the respondent having offered the provided response profile. Note that when no questions have been answered, likelihood evaluates to 1.


This function is to allow users to access the internal functions of the package. During item selection, all calculations are done in compiled C++ code.


Haley Acevedo, Ryden Butler, Josh W. Cutler, Matt Malis, Jacob M. Montgomery, Tom Wilkinson, Erin Rossiter, Min Hee Seo, Alex Weil


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See Also

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## Loading ltm Cat object
## Likelihood for Cat object of the ltm model
setAnswers(ltm_cat) <- c(1,0,1,0,1, rep(NA, 35))
likelihood(ltm_cat, theta = 1)

## Loading grm Cat object
## Likelihood for Cat object of the grm model
setAnswers(grm_cat) <- c(1,1,5,2,5, rep(NA, 13))
likelihood(grm_cat, theta = 1)

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