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Build common tables for your research needs!


Build common tables for your research needs!

See Also

add_rows() to add rows to the table, renaming() for renaming of columns and rows, build_table(), table_stats() for a list of built-in summary statistics. For a more detailed walkthrough of carpenter, see the introduction vignette using vignette('carpenter').


outline_table(iris, 'Species') %>%
 add_rows(c('Sepal.Length', 'Petal.Length'), stat_meanSD) %>%
 add_rows('Sepal.Width', stat_medianIQR) %>%
 renaming('rows', function(x) gsub('Sepal\\.', 'Sepal ', x)) %>%
 renaming('header', c('Measures', 'Setosa', 'Versicolor', 'Virginica')) %>%
 build_table(caption = 'A caption for the table')

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