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assess the quality of mean estimations


assess assess the quality of mean estimation using the methodology created by INE Chile, which considers sample size, degrees of freedom and coeficient of variation.


assess(table, publish = FALSE, scheme = c("chile", "eclac"), ...)



dataframe created by crear_insumos_media


boolean indicating if the evaluation of the complete table must be added. If it is TRUE, the function adds a new column to the dataframe


string variable, default scheme is "chile" which refers to the evaluation protocol proposed by INE Chile. the alternative is "eclac" to use the eclac protocol


the list of cepal parameters. The complete list of parameters is

1. General Parameters

  • df degrees of freedom. default: 9

  • n sample size. default ine scheme is 60. default cepal scheme: 100

2. INE parameters

  • cv_lower_ine lower limit for cv. default: 0.15

  • cv_upper_ine upper limit for cv. default: 0.3

3. CEPAL parameters

  • cv_cepal limit for cv. default: 0.2

  • ess efective sample size. default: 140

  • unweighted unweighted count. default: 50


dataframe with all the columns included in the input table, plus a new column containing a label indicating the evaluation of each estimation: reliable, bit reliable or unreliable


dc <- survey::svydesign(ids = ~varunit, strata = ~varstrat, data = epf_personas, weights = ~fe)
assess(create_mean("gastot_hd", domains = "zona+sexo", design = dc))

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