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caRamel optimizer


Automatic Calibration by Evolutionary Multi Objective Algorithm


caRamel is a package for multi-objective optimization of complex environmental models.

The algorithm is a hybrid of the MEAS algorithm (Efstratiadis and Koutsoyiannis, 2005) by using the directional search method based on the simplexes of the objective space and the epsilon-NGSA-II algorithm with the method of classification of the parameter vectors archiving management by epsilon-dominance (Reed and Devireddy, 2004).

The main function of the package is caRamel().

This function uses all the other functions of the package.

An example of an hydrological optimization is available on the following presentation: useR! 2019


Fabrice Zaoui, Nicolas Le Moine, Celine Monteil (EDF R&D - LNHE)


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