brolgar-features {brolgar}R Documentation

Calculate features of a tsibble object in conjunction with features()


You can calculate a series of summary statistics (features) of a given variable for a dataset. For example, a three number summary, the minimum, median, and maximum, can be calculated for a given variable. This is designed to work with the features() function shown in the examples. Other available features in brolgar include:


feat_three_num(x, ...)

feat_five_num(x, ...)

feat_ranges(x, ...)

feat_spread(x, ...)

feat_monotonic(x, ...)

feat_brolgar(x, ...)

feat_diff_summary(x, ...)



A vector to extract features from.


Further arguments passed to other functions.


# You can use any of the features `feat_*` in conjunction with `features` 
# like so:
heights %>%
  features(height_cm, # variable you want to explore
           feat_three_num) # the feature summarisation you want to perform

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