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Half-emptying time t50 from Maes/Ghoos fit with scintigraphic correction


Half-emptying time t50 in minutes from beta exponential function fit, with linear and rather arbitrary correction for scintigraphic values. This is given for comparison with published data only; there is little justification to use it, even if it is closer to real gastric emptying times as determined by MRI or scintigraphy. Ghoos YF, Maes BD, Geypens BJ, Mys G, Hiele MI, Rutgeerts PJ, Vantrappen G. Measurement of gastric emptying rate of solids by means of a carbon-labeled octanoic acid breath test. Gastroenterology. 1993;104:1640-1647.





named vector of coefficients; only k and beta are required


Time where value is 1/2 of maximum, i.e. t50 in minutes.

See Also

exp_beta, and t50_bluck_coward for an example.

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