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Blood Pressure in Salt-Sensitive Dahl Rats Data


The bp_rats data set includes arterial blood pressure waveform time series data of the SS(n = 9) and SS.13 (n = 6) genetic strains of Dahl rats sampled at 100 Hz who were each administered a low and high salt diet. It is taken from the study of Bugenhagen et al.(2010) which sought to investigate the origins of the baroreflex dysfunction in salt-sensitive Dahl rats on Hypertension.




A data frame containing 5 variables pertaining to arterial continuous waveform blood pressure as follows:


The type of a particular Dahl Rat (either SS or SSBN13) corresponding to the sodium intake administered:

ss_hs = SS rat given the high sodium diet
ss_ls = SS rat given the low sodium diet
ssbn13_hs = SSBN13 rat given the high sodium diet
ssbn13_ls = SSBN13 rat given the low sodium diet


ID # corresponding to a particular rat. There are 9 SS rats and 6 SSBN13 rats.


Continuous waveform data of each rat's arterial (blood) pressure sampled at 100 Hz.


Amount of time elapsed, expressed in seconds


Amount of time elapsed, expressed in minutes


(Goldberger A., Amaral L., Glass L., Hausdorff J., Ivanov P. C., Mark R., Bugenhagen S.M., Cowley A.W. Jr, Beard D.A., ... \& Stanley H. E. 2000).

Licensed under a ODC-BY (Creative Commons) Open Data Commons Attribution License 1.0


Original Paper: doi: 10.1152/physiolgenomics.00027.2010

Data: doi: 10.13026/C20597

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