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Empirical variance of the first 5 score variables from EEG dataset


This package is based on (Fisher et al., 2014), which uses as an example a subset of the electroencephalogram (EEG) measurements from the Sleep Heart Health Study (SHHS) (Quan et al. 1997). Since we cannot publish the EEG recordings from SHHS participants in this package, we instead include the summary statistics of the PCs from our subsample of the processed SHHS EEG data. These summary statistics were generated from measurements of smoothed Normalized Delta Power. This data is used by the simEEG to simulate data examples to demonstrate our functions.


Specifically, EEG_score_var is a vector containing the variances of the first 5 empirical score variables. Here, we refer to the score variables refer to the n-dimensional, uncorrelated variables, whose coordinate vectors are the principal components EEG_leadingV.


Aaron Fisher, Brian Caffo, and Vadim Zipunnikov. Fast, Exact Bootstrap Principal Component Analysis for p>1 million. 2014.

Stuart F Quan, Barbara V Howard, Conrad Iber, James P Kiley, F Javier Nieto, George T O'Connor, David M Rapoport, Susan Redline, John Robbins, JM Samet, et al. The sleep heart health study: design, rationale, and methods. Sleep, 20(12):1077-1085, 1997. 1.1

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