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Trials of low dose and high dose statins for cardiovascular disease vs. placebo


A dataset of 17 studies investigating dosage of statin for cardiovascular disease. There are two treatments and a placebo. High dose statin is coded as 3, low dose statin as 2, and placebo is coded as 1 and treated as a baseline treatment. Outcomes are reported as three mutually exclusive unordered outcomes. First column of the outcome is the patients who are still alive (ALIVE). Second column is fatal non-cardiovascular disease (FnCVD). And, the last column is fatal cardiovascular disease (FCVD).




A list of Outcomes, Treat, Study, and N


C.H. Schmid, T.A. Trikalinos, I. Olkin (2014), Bayesian network meta-analysis for unordered categorical outcomes with incomplete data, Research Synthesis Methods 5(2):162-185. doi:10.1002/jrsm.1103

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