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bnma: A package for network meta analysis using Bayesian methods


A package for running Bayesian network meta analysis


Network meta-analysis or mixed treatment comparison (MTC) is a method that allows simultaneous comparison of more than two treatments. We use a Bayesian approach to combine both direct and indirect evidence as in Dias et al. 2013a. This package is a user friendly application that can run network meta analysis models without having to code a JAGS model. The program takes the input data and transforms it to a suitable format of analysis, generates a JAGS model and reasonable initial values and runs the model through the rjags package. The focus of this package was inclusion of multinomial response and various options for adding covariates and/or baseline risks effects. Also, while sampling, the package uses Gelman-Rubin convergence criteria to decide whether to continue sampling or not. Furthermore, package includes different models such as contrast based models and unrelated mean effects (UME) model and nodesplitting model to test for inconsistency.


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