getdate {bizdays}R Documentation

Obtaining dates using other dates (or month or year) as reference


Imagine you have one date and want the first or last day of this date's month. For example, you have the date 2018-02-01 and want the last day of its month. You have to check whether or not its year is a leap year, and this sounds a tough task. getdate helps with returning specific dates according to a reference than can be another date, a month or an year.


getdate(expr, ref, cal = bizdays.options$get("default.calendar"))



a character string specifying the date to be returned (see Details)


a reference which represents a month or year, where the date has to be found.


the calendar's name

expr represents the day has to be returned, here it follows a few examples:

  • "second day"

  • "10th bizday"

  • "3rd wed"

  • "last bizday"

  • "first fri"

expr is a character string with two terms: "<position> <day>"

  • positions: first or 1st, second or 2nd, third or 3rd, last and XXth (examples 6th or 11th)

  • days: day, bizday, or weekdays (sun, mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat)

getdate returns dates according to a reference that can be a month or an year. This reference can be passed as a character vector representing months or years, or as a numeric vector representing years. The ISO format must be used to represent years or months with character vectors.


getdate("10th wed", 2018, "Brazil/ANBIMA")
getdate("last bizday", 2010:2018, "Brazil/ANBIMA")
dts <- seq(as.Date("2018-01-01"), as.Date("2018-12-01"), "month")
getdate("first bizday", format(dts, "%Y-%m"), "Brazil/ANBIMA")
getdate("last bizday", Sys.Date(), "Brazil/ANBIMA")
getdate("next bizday", Sys.Date(), "Brazil/ANBIMA")
getdate("2nd wed", Sys.Date())
getdate("next wed", Sys.Date())
getdate("last wed", Sys.Date())
getdate("next mon", Sys.Date())
getdate("last mon", Sys.Date())

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