bizdayse {bizdays}R Documentation

Business days and current days equivalence


bizdayse stands for business days equivalent, it returns the amount of business days equivalent to a given number of current days.


bizdayse(dates, curd, cal)



the reference dates


the amount of current days


the calendar's name


Let us suppose I have a reference date dates and I offset that date by curd current days. bizdayse returns the business days between the reference date and the new date offset by curd current days.

This is equivalent to

refdate <- Sys.Date()
curd <- 10
newdate <- refdate + 10 # offset refdate by 10 days
# this is equals to bizdayse(refdate, 10)
bizdays(refdate, newdate)


An integer representing an amount of business days.

Date types accepted

The argument dates accepts Date objects and any object that returns a valid Date object when passed through as.Date, which include all POSIX* classes and character objects with ISO formatted dates.

Recycle rule

These arguments handle the recycle rule so a vector of dates and a vector of numbers can be provided and once those vectors differs in length the recycle rule is applied.


bizdayse("2013-01-02", 3, "Brazil/ANBIMA")

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