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Business Days Calculations and Utilities


In many countries the standard approach to price derivatives and fixed income instruments involves the use of business days. In Brazil, for example, the great majority of financial instruments are priced on business days counting rules. Given that the use of business days is somehow vital to handle many tasks. That's the reason why bizdays came up, to make these tasks easier. Excel's NETWORKDAYS is fairly at hand and once you have a list of holidays it is quite easy to put your data into a spreadsheet and make things happen. bizdays brings that ease to R.

Although R's users have similar feature in packages like RQuantLib and timeDate it doesn't come for free. Users have to do some stackoverflow in order to get this task accomplished. bizdays is a tiny package dramatically focused on that simple task: support calculations involving business days for a given list of holidays.

bizdays was designed to work with all common date types and ISO formatted character strings and all methods have support for vectorized operations and handle the recycle rule.


Wilson Freitas

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