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Adjusts the given dates to the next/previous business day


Rolls the given date to the next or previous business day, unless it is a business day.

Usage, cal)

following(dates, cal)

adjust.none(dates, cal)

modified.following(dates, cal)

adjust.previous(dates, cal)

preceding(dates, cal)

modified.preceding(dates, cal)



dates to be adjusted


an instance of Calendar

Details and following return the next business day if the given date is not a business day. adjust.previous and preceding are similar, but return the previous business day. modified.following rolls the given date to the next business day, unless it happens in the next month, in this case it returns the previous business day. modified.preceding is similar to modified.following, but rolls the given date to the previous business day.


Date objects adjusted accordingly.

Date types accepted

The argument dates accepts Date objects and any object that returns a valid Date object when passed through as.Date, which include all POSIX* classes and character objects with ISO formatted dates.

Examples"2013-01-01", "Brazil/ANBIMA")
following("2013-01-01", "Brazil/ANBIMA")
modified.following("2016-01-31", "Brazil/ANBIMA")
adjust.previous("2013-01-01", "Brazil/ANBIMA")
preceding("2013-01-01", "Brazil/ANBIMA")
modified.preceding("2016-01-01", "Brazil/ANBIMA")

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